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Hey friends it's been awhile since my last update. Unfortunately, I was recovering from a serious illness, but I am back. You might have noticed that the photo/video page was recently hacked. We have all the photos and videos and are in the process of putting them back up. Travel Songs will be updating shortly with new stories and music and a new design very soon.

In the meantime here is a new song about a dear friend living on Reunion island. Enjoy.

Also, you should know that there is a person using the Travel Songs name to get to fund a trip to South America.

He has started a Facebook Page and a blog on WIX as well as at .org similar to mine. This is not me. Please do not support these pages. I have never used Travel Songs to generate money for personal gain. Travel Songs has always been about free personal creative discovery and cultural awareness.

Thank you for the support through the years.

Follow your Spirit


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